Envent Bluetooth Sound Bar with Woofer - Horizon 501 Review

Envent Bluetooth Sound Bar with Woofer Review:

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Enhance your home audio experience with Horizon 501 BT         

It’s a soundbar! It’s a 2.1 system! It’s simply brilliant! The Envent Horizon 501 BT is designed to surprise you all the time. A clever locking mechanism makes this speaker system unique. A twist and a click changes it from a big soundbar to two stand-tall speakers. So you get the best of both Worlds.  And combined with the thumping woofer you get crystal clear sound that is rich and full of the right notes any way you want it.  Envent presents to you a premium set of soundbar speaker to enhance the home theatre effect with Horizon 501 BT, a perfect blend of fine design with powerful sound to give you ultimate entertainment. So, be it music or movie, your listening experience will be divine. 

Soundbar cum 2.1 speaker

​Envent Horizon 501 BT solves dual purpose. You can use it as soundbar while watching TV or as 2.1 speaker with other music sources. The unique and clever unlocking mechanism turns the soundbar into a 2.1 speaker. Satellite cables of 5.5 ft length gives you the liberty to place the satellites at a distance from the woofer. This gives you a balanced sound experience wherever you want to play it.

Wooden woofer with matched soundbar 

Real hard wood is used to construct the woofer. The high quality of wood enhances the bass and gives you a thump. Ergonomic design of woofer with curved edges of this heavy duty woofer will definitely complement your room d├ęcor. The soundbar cum satellite speakers are made with high grade plastic and metal mash covers the speaker units of the sound bar. These speakers give you clearer high and mid-range frequencies. Together these two material give you music the way it was meant to be heard. 

Larger speaker for great sound

Sound is pumped out from two 3inch satellite speakers and one 5.25inch woofer speaker. Combined they make sure all the ranges sound sweet and clear. Together the music system yields sound output of 40W RMS.  You’ll feel the bass and the high notes will reach new highs. So pump up the volume without fear

​The luxury of wireless - Bluetooth

This speaker system loves wireless connectivity - Bluetooth. Smartphones, tabs, notepads – almost any music source with Bluetooth connectivity can be paired with Horizon 501 BT and play on it. With a range of 10 mtrs (30ft) this is perfect for parties. You can just sit back and play your music wirelessly from a convenient distance.

​One system. Unlimited players

Smartphone, laptops, USB, SD cards, game consoles… everyone is welcome. There is provision for both AUX as well as USB (upto 32 GB) & SD card slot for wider range of input options. Connect whatever you want in one quick and easy step and get the entertainment going. To get you going without any interruptions we have included an extra length high quality AUX cable. Now just plug and play.

​Hi function remote control

Now here is a remote control that is way beyond the ordinary which operates upto a range of 5 metre (16 feet). It has every function you want and then some more. Volume, Repeat, source, equalizer, previous, next, mute…… it is fully loaded. Once this is in your hands you are the person in control. And to top it all the remote comes with batteries.

Total control panel for perfect sound

Behind the Woofer you’ll find the control panel. This is from where you get total control over the entire system. Apart from regular control buttons like on/off, play/pause, next/previous, you can also adjust the volume, bass and treble for the desired music as per your mood. And if you want to fine tune the sound like Jazz & Pop, there is an equalizer button. Perfect for the perfectionist.

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  • Total RMS is 40W from 5.25 inch woofer & 3 inch satellite speakers. Heavy duty WOODEN woofer yields true BASS effect.
  • Bluetooth connectivity enabled. Range is up to 10m (30 ft). Now play music from your phone wirelessly from any corner of your room within range.
  • Its a SOUNDBAR cum 2.1 SPEAKER. With the simple locking system, you can have the experience of both.
  • Comes with dedicated VOLUME, BASS & TREBLE control knobs including generic controls on the back panel of woofer. You can also control music through remote control from a range of 5 metre (16 ft)
  • USB (Upto 32 GB) & SD card slots enable you to play music conviniently. Moreover AUX in facility allows wider range of gadgets as music source.
  • Dimension: 44.4 x 32 x 27.7 cm
  • Weight: 6 Kg
  • Model number: ET-SP21500

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